"Building an effective PPC campaign requires utilizing important features which are available to everyone. Learn these features and maximize on conversions."
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  • Paid Advertising

    Paid Search marketing represents a tremendous opportunity for your business. Capturing placement on specific terms will drive large amounts of qualified traffic to the site. What’s great about paid advertising is that you are in control of the message to your audience, demographics, scheduling, daily budget and much more.

    Solid Rankings maintains a team of Google Adwords and Microsoft Adcenter professionals that will engage in the following tasks:

    Campaign Setup & Hierarchy

    Launching an effective PPC campaign can very time consuming, but it’s very important to start on the right foot. Find out how your paid advertising campaign can be setup right from the start.

    Keyword Discovery

    Keyword discovery is your first step to a successful paid advertising campaign. Keyword discovery is the process of determining which keywords and keyword phrases are used in the Search Engines by potential customers and visitors.

    Match Type

    Should you use exact match? Phrase match? Broad match? How about excluding keywords like “free” and “fake” from your paid advertising campaign? Find out how.

    Network and Devices

    Which network should my ad appear? Search and search partners? Content network? Placements? Banner ads? On just computers? How about iPhones? Find out more about approaching the right network and devices strategy.

    Campaign Ad Scheduling

    In some cases, you may want to utilize your limited budget the right way. Ad scheduling can help your business stay within budget and produce even greater results.

    Ad Creative

    Advertising space with Google Adwords and Microsoft Adcenter for Bing is very limited. Learn how you can utilize the space provided to you more efficiently.

    Landing Pages

    Ensure your landing pages are extremely targeted to the keywords you are bidding for. Learn how you can change various calls to action and present your visitors with what they are looking for.

    Bid Strategies

    It’s really easy to over spend and run out of budget with a blink of an eye. Learn how you can manage your campaign with the right bid strategy.

    Campaign Extensions

    Google Adwords provides a lot of great features you may not be aware of. Learn how new features can make your ad stand out of the crowd.

    Campaign Tracking

    Track your campaign by installing unique conversion codes on each actionable thank you page.

    PPC for Local Businesses

    Learn how you can target only a specific area within your community.