"Why is my CTR is low? What is a quality score? Write relevant and engaging ads to entice potential buyers to click on your ad."
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  • Text Ad Creative

    Text ad creative refers to the text within your ads. Here are a few samples of how Google ads show on Google.com when searching for “LCD TV Deals”:

    When developing a Pay Per Click campaign, you will need to improve your company‚Äôs profile by presenting potential costumers a reason to click on your ad, browse through your site and turn them into buyers. To accomplish this funnel, you must have strong, creative ad copy. There is a small amount of text associated with Paid Search ads and it’s important to relevant and engaging ads. This important step in paid advertising strategies will impact the overall performance of the campaign.

    What does it mean by relevant and engaging ad creative? Find out by calling one of our PPC professionals.