"Learn how you can launch a paid advertising campaign just by utilizing simple strategic hierarchy setup."
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  • PPC Campaign Setup

    Launching an effective PPC campaign can very time consuming, but it’s very important to start on the right foot. We have seen hundreds of campaigns over the years and we can assure you most of them were not built correctly from the ground up.

    Here are a few tips to help you set your campaign correctly from the get go.

    • Setup the hierarchy of the campaign in such a way that it makes sense.

      Campaign -> Ad Groups (Category) -> Relevant Keywords for each Ad Group -> Relevant ads for each Ad Group -> Relevant landing page for each Ad Group

      Why do we do it this way? This is the best way for you to stay organize while launching an effective campaign. Many people dump a lot of keywords into an ad group and expect to get results. If the landing page is not relevant to the ad, and the ad is not relevant to the keywords, your campaign will not maximize to its full capacity. It will be very difficult of you to understand what works and what doesn’t.

    • Match type. Should you use exact match? Phrase match? Broad match? It all depends on your marketing objectives. Do you want your ad to show for broad terms or maybe your marketing budget allows you to be a little more conservative?
    • Dynamic keyword insertion into ads. Did you know you can insert your keywords into your ad copy? Simply use {KeyWord:Effective-title-in-case-keywords-exceeds-25-character}.
    • Have you selected any negative keywords?

    Want more? Call us today to guide you through an effective way to launch a PPC campaign.