"Increase your ROI by understanding your website's visitors. Install Google Analytics and track everything on your website."
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  • Reports and Analysis

    In order to achieve the best Search Engine Optimization results, it’s critical to have access to the most effective technology and analytics. Following your rankings on the search engines for specific keywords is simply not enough.

    Have you installed Google Analytics to all the pages of your site? If so, great! Now you’re ready to generate interesting metrics in order to understand what visitors are doing on your site.

    Here are some metrics that will help you understand your visitors:

    • Average time on site/page
    • Bounce rate on site/page/source/keyword
    • Most visited pages
    • Least visited pages
    • Traffic source
    • Keywords
    • Adwords
    • Goals
    • Goal funnels

    Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself while reading through the analytics:

    • Which traffic source had converted into a sale?
    • Which keyword had converted into a sale?
    • Which pages have a high/low bounce rate and why?
    • Which keywords have a high/low average time on the site and why?
    • At which point during my goal funnel had visitors abandon?

    Learn more about your visitors and how you can increase conversions and ultimately increase your ROI by over 1,000%! Get a custom analytics report from the expert. Contact us today.