"Technical issues on your website can break you or make you. Ensure your website is Search Engine Friendly today."
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  • SEO Site Development

    One of the first questions business owners ask when not getting rankings and traffic from the search engines is “Is my website search engine friendly?” And usually follows up with “how do I make my site search engine friendly?
    Keep in mind that search engines like Google utilizes over 200 elements in its algorithm to rank websites.

    Here are a few elements you can perfect in order to make your website search engine friendly:

    • Setup Google Webmaster Tool
    • Navigation architecture and page naming
    • Breadcrumb links
    • Broken links
    • Unreachable links
    • 404 error pages
    • Sitemap.xml
    • 301 redirects
    • Robots.txt
    • Titles and Metas
    • Alt tags
    • Headings
    • Loading time
    • Setup Google Analytics including goals for accurate conversions

    Do you need a technical analysis to ensure your site is search engine friendly? Contact one of our SEO experts today.